Month: June 2013

10 Things I Learned In Leaving Cert

Today is officially the end of the Leaving Certificate examinations for all students. *cue a collective sigh of relief and exhaustion* The Leaving Cert has been widely remarked about over the past number of years including: why is it so hard, why are there so many students taking ordinary level maths, and of course, will this torture ever end. I’ve seen my siblings and cousins go through this before and I wondered is it really that hard. Nothing could prepare me for this two year (assault) course. These are the ten things I’ve learned during the Leaving:

1.Whoever said 5th year is the harder of the two years is a complete liar and/or fool.

2. Repeating the Leaving is considered a fate worse than death because doing it once is hard enough.

3. Project Maths is the worst idea ever.

4. The internet is great for procrastination from study.

5. “I Got Me Leaving” by Jim Jim Nugent is the Leaving Cert anthem.

6. Destroying notes of the subjects you hate the most is the best fun ever (but do it responsibly. And outdoors).

7. Between summer before 5th year and summer after 6th year is the most expensive time ever. (And that’s just counting the necessary school stuff).

8. No matter how hard you try, you will end up stress eating (more than likely chocolate).

9. No matter how hard you try, you will end up in several lengthy discussions about what poet you want to come up in English paper 2.

10. Finishing the Leaving Cert is the strangest but the best feeling in the world. Ever.

I want to congratulate all my fellow Leaving Certs for completing and surviving it all. Our battle is over, now we must wait until August to see if we won our war.