The Coronas – Live at the Marquee: A review

On June 29th, I went to see The Coronas at the Marquee in Cork city with my older sister who has seen them in concert 8 times and has met them 3 times. (To say that I envy her is very much an understatement.) This wasn’t strictly my first time seeing the Coronas either, but it was my first time seeing them fully (The first time was Indiependence 2012 at Mitchelstown. They were on later than scheduled and I had to leave at an agreed time with my parents, meaning that I only saw them for 20 minutes.) I was excited.

The Coronas at Indiependence 2012.
The Coronas at Indiependence 2012.

I met up with my older sister in the city (she met up with a college friend earlier that day), had our al fresco meals from make shift restaurants and walked our way to the venue. We were in line for less than an hour, behind some photographer enthusiasts.

There was two support acts at the concert: Miracle Bell and Ryan Sheridan.
First up was Miracle Bell. I thought they were okay but I could not hear them very coherently for some reason and because I’m not overly familiar with their songs, their performance was not very memorable either.

Next was Ryan Sheridan. I rarely say this about support acts but he was the best I’ve ever seen. He was energetic, talented and captivating. Highlights of his set included his cover version of “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes where the whole crowd sang the riff for the entire song, the play off between himself and the box drum player, and his closing song “Dreamer” aka that song that was in a Heineken ad.

Ryan Sheridan captivating the audience.
Ryan Sheridan captivating the audience.

Finally, after much waiting due to technical sheet difficulties (only in Ireland!) The Coronas made their introduction. The band not only performed the songs the fans know and love from their three albums, but sampled two new songs from their forthcoming album (yes Coronas fans, the band confirmed that there will be a new album by the end of the year).

My impression of the concert was lively, fresh and fun. The suspense of a giant white sheet over the front of the stage, concealing the band, was a simple but extremely clever idea. The reason why I believe this is a clever idea is that the audience can hear before they can see. Then the lighting is adjusted to project the shadows of each band member playing their respective instrument, adding to the element of mystery. As the sheet collapses, the band can be seen for the first time and the audience goes crazy! The audience were so excited that on several occasions during the concert, they would pause the song they were playing, stand completely still to listen to the manic screaming and then resume their song. They had other tricks up their sleeves, including the release of big inflatable balls into the crowd, the lead singer Danny entering the front couple of rows (not bad for my sister and I as we were positioned there), and the release of confetti during the closing song “Closer To You“.

Closer to them: The Coronas bowing to their enthusiastic audience.
Closer to them: The Coronas bowing to their enthusiastic audience.

The interaction between the band and the audience was brilliant and the sheer dedication of the fans was impressive, from their knowledge of the lyrics of each song to the relentless excitement and love they had for The Coronas.
The Coronas are consistent with their quality of music and showmanship that makes people come back for more.

To wrap up my review, I will ask myself one question: Would I go again?

The answer: Hell yes!

Rating: 10/10


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