20 Things I Learned As A Teenager

Tomorrow is my birthday. Not just  any old birthday, but my 20th birthday. This means I won’t be a teenager anymore. I had a lot of good and bad times but there’s one certain thing: I learned a lot. Here’s 20 of the things I learned:

1. You can’t choose who you’re attracted to.

2. Everyone has that “awkward phase”.

3. Exams are awful and soul draining.

4. Friends make everything better. (Cake can also apply to that).

5. You never realise how old you are until you see how weird and tedious children’s TV is.

6.  Never drink vodka straight. It tastes like battery acid.

7. The internet is brilliant but time can be spent so easily and quickly.

8. Watching Mean Girls is considered a rite of passage for teenage girls.

9. How you think people see you and how people actually see you can be completely different. The trick is to find which is which.

10. Nothing brings teenagers together like a mutual love of food or a mutual hatred of school.

11. Everybody loves turning 18 because it’s legal to do anything other adults can do (mostly buy drink)

12. Just because you’re an adult in the eyes of the law doesn’t mean you’re an adult in the eyes of your parents.

13. Most things that parents worry about for teenagers are greatly exaggerated by the media. As long you have the knowledge, you’ll be fine.

14. Internet friendship is not as creepy as it seems. It’s like a penpal for the digital age.

15. Teenagers are always on a tight budget, regardless of economic situations in the outside world.

16. Friendships change and are sometimes lost through no fault of their own.

17. Older teenagers always refer to younger teenagers as “like 12”.

18. Sleep is a rare but precious time to a teenager.

19. Peer pressure isn’t as dramatic and drug fuelled as people think.

20. Teenagers are not alcoholic morons with no respect for anything or anyone. They are real people with rights, duties, hopes, dreams, passions and intelligence. Treat them with respect and they will do likewise.


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