Tom Hiddleston


Let me introduce you. Guys, this is Thomas William Hiddleston. A very talented English actor who’s mostly known for his role of Loki, Thor’s misunderstood adopted brother. But let’s just call him Tom. Anyway, this is the story of how and why I started liking this incredible man.

Let me take you back to 2008 —a little before Iron Man was released— I watched the movie Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang one afternoon and fell in love with Robert Downey Jr. and been his devoted fan since then. But this is not about Rob, is it?. Thanks to that small moment in my life and brand new “favorite actor” I went to see Iron Man to the movies —and every RDJ movie premiered since then—. I’m more of a DC girl, a huge Superman fan and loved Batman’s trilogy. But if it wasn’t for RDJ, probably I wouldn’t…

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