Troll In The Dungeon: Why Online Bullies Are The Worst

Today, I have decided to blog about one of my serious topics yet: online abuse.

I’ve learned about cyber bullying for years because of SPHE classes and tragic news reports of young people like Phoebe Prince who kill themselves because there are some heartless people who just want to make lives hell for no obvious reason.

Some websites like AskFM and Tumblr have become major hotspots for online trolling and abuse. Why? The answer is easy: it’s anonymous. Perpetrators can target random blogs or accounts and say insulting and disrespectful things in the safety of their own home, shielded by a computer screen.

This trolling abuse has come to light recently when female journalists were targeted on Twitter by trolls with sexist comments, rape and death threats. People became outraged by this unacceptable behaviour and called for Twitter to review its anti-abuse policy. Whether or not this happens is another question entirely.

The reason why I decided to write this post is because I was trolled for the first time in my seven years of internet usage. It all started yesterday when I was looking through pictures of a night club I went to recently on a Facebook. I find a group picture of myself and a group of friends.



4 thoughts on “Troll In The Dungeon: Why Online Bullies Are The Worst

  1. You should have said: “It’s not an attractive feature to have more D*CK in your personality than your PANTS.”
    XD that always shuts them up. What can they say then? chances are, they’re probably not so *gorgeous* either, so WHO gives a CRAP about what a STRANGER thinks of you? 😉

  2. You GO, girl! So proud of you for blogging about this, and for taking to the written word to try and be a problem solver as opposed to wallowing in depression or letting the words of a cowardly moron get to you! You’re the better person here, and this message is a good one! SO SO proud of you!!! YEAH!!!! *pumping fist in air*

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