Month: September 2013

“The Creature”

I was born with a creature inside me (We all are apparently). It lay dormant for years. It woke up and started to stalk its prey. It never tore flesh properly but it did taste meat a few times a long time ago.

But now it’s locked up.   It is starved and angry.   It wants to be set free.   But people will condemn me if I did that.   They will say many things like: “It’s not the right time to hunt”, or “That meant is unattainable and unsuitable” or worst of all “That creature is a monster! Lock it up and never let it see the light of day.”

The problem is my creature doesn’t care how fresh or stale the meat is, what it looks like, where it comes from or how hard it is to catch.   It wants to hunt and to feast.   Now.

The creature is so angry that I’m being consumed by its insatiable appetite and it’s swallowing me whole.

I hope one day that the creature will be unleashed from its cage and experience the trill of the chase.                                       



Many people think that the ordinary is a bad thing. Monotonous. Almost an insult.

I disagree. Being ordinary is the highest honour one can bestow.

Being able to control most parts of life (and accepting what you can’t), knowing your strengths (and improving your weaknesses) and living your everyday life without ruining it is what ordinary people do.

I am not ordinary.


She is beautiful. I love her curves. I love to kiss her neck on both sides. She never argues or criticises. She only speaks with my hands. (My left controls what she says and my right controls how she says it) She is loyal to me. (Though I am not always loyal to her) But no matter what happens she will always be, My blue wooden box who sings with me.

“15 Years: A Journey”

A young couple drive down back roads to the city with their three young kids. The youngest, aged five, is about to start a special kind of school . As she looked quietly everywhere, The couple smile knowingly, they finally got her there.

A older couple drive down the motorway to the city with one of their kids. The youngest, aged twenty, is about to start a well respected university. As the couple discuss the affairs of the day, The girl smiles knowingly, she got everything she fought for: her way.

“Once More Unto The Breach”

We stand like greyhounds in the slips straining upon the start. The game’s afoot.

We train for the gloriously big fight of our lives. The one that changes everything.

The commanding officers warn us of the landmines and traps and they show us the basic map of the battlefield. We arm ourselves with weaponry which help us defend and attack.

However, only us soldiers can slay the seven devils. We can only rely on ourselves to survive.

We have struggled. We have fallen. But we rise again and return once more unto the breach until we win the war.Image

“Lover In Wild Abandon”

Your pristine eyes Bluer than the deepest sea. A stronger force Than Zeus or Aphrodite.

Angels carve features on your flawless face, Your body filled with splendour and grace. Your firm voice Lights my heart on fire. I cannot control my lust, Or deny my desire.

You lead me down the path of wild abandon, With the sensuous touch of your fingertips. You enchant me in your spell, When you kiss me with your lips.

My passion for you is discovered, And the scruples I lack, I truly believe, There is no way back.

(Inspired by “Shakespeare In Love”. February 2012)

A little fact (and decision)

As many of you know, I am a blogger. It is my dream to be a writer. I’ve known I’ve had this ability for 11 years. Also, within the past 5 years or so, I was able to make things rhyme through songwriting. By 17, I realised making music along to lyrics was not something I could fully achieve. 

One night, during a break in 5th year, I watched “Shakespeare In Love”. At that moment I was compelled to write a love sonnet (despite that at the time, I didn’t know the structure). I achieved to write a love poem. However, my poetic ideas didn’t come to the fore until a year later, during the Leaving Cert. That time was hard on me. I had low times, made stupid decisions which haunted me for weeks, and had thoughts I couldn’t tell anybody. It was at those times when I could piece together my feelings and my thoughts. It was a solace for me.

After the exams, I focused on this blog. With the encouragement of others and the success of this blog, I have decided to publish many of my poems online. I hope you enjoy reading my poems as much I enjoyed writing them.