A little fact (and decision)

As many of you know, I am a blogger. It is my dream to be a writer. I’ve known I’ve had this ability for 11 years. Also, within the past 5 years or so, I was able to make things rhyme through songwriting. By 17, I realised making music along to lyrics was not something I could fully achieve. 

One night, during a break in 5th year, I watched “Shakespeare In Love”. At that moment I was compelled to write a love sonnet (despite that at the time, I didn’t know the structure). I achieved to write a love poem. However, my poetic ideas didn’t come to the fore until a year later, during the Leaving Cert. That time was hard on me. I had low times, made stupid decisions which haunted me for weeks, and had thoughts I couldn’t tell anybody. It was at those times when I could piece together my feelings and my thoughts. It was a solace for me.

After the exams, I focused on this blog. With the encouragement of others and the success of this blog, I have decided to publish many of my poems online. I hope you enjoy reading my poems as much I enjoyed writing them.


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