“The Creature”

I was born with a creature inside me (We all are apparently). It lay dormant for years. It woke up and started to stalk its prey. It never tore flesh properly but it did taste meat a few times a long time ago.

But now it’s locked up.   It is starved and angry.   It wants to be set free.   But people will condemn me if I did that.   They will say many things like: “It’s not the right time to hunt”, or “That meant is unattainable and unsuitable” or worst of all “That creature is a monster! Lock it up and never let it see the light of day.”

The problem is my creature doesn’t care how fresh or stale the meat is, what it looks like, where it comes from or how hard it is to catch.   It wants to hunt and to feast.   Now.

The creature is so angry that I’m being consumed by its insatiable appetite and it’s swallowing me whole.

I hope one day that the creature will be unleashed from its cage and experience the trill of the chase.                                       


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