Month: December 2013

10 Best Youtube Discoveries of 2013.

I love youtube a lot and I even have an account (BohemianNerdGirl) but you’ll only see belly dance videos and a Christmas street performance. But I use it to subscribe to some awesome people. Here are my 10 best Youtube discoveries of 2013.

1. vlogbrothers: These are the video blogs (or vlogs) of two brothers, John and Hank Green from America. John, the author of six books including “Looking For Alaska” and “The Fault In Our Stars”; and Hank, a jack of many trades including musician, entrepreneur, graduate of environmental science and web designer; came up with an idea in 2006 to communicate to each other through video blogs on Youtube every day during 2007 called “Brotherhood 2.0” which gained a huge following of “Nerdfighter” fans. From that experiment came Vlogbrothers. Every Tuesday (John’s day) and Friday (Hank’s day), they discuss a variety of topics from random funny stuff, to John’s books and Hank’s music, to social and political matters, all done in a relevant and fun way. One more thing: Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

2. OnlyLeigh: Leigh Lahav, originally from New York but currently living in Israel, is an animator, illustrator and a fangirl. She brilliantly captures and satirises fandoms and fangirls associated with social media sites such as Tumblr. She makes a meld of shows and films such as “Thorested Development” (Thor The Dark World and Arrested Development) and “Mean Elves” (Mean Girls and The Hobbit triology) and shows relatable snippets of how a typical fangirl reacts such as “Five Stages Of Fangirling” and “Fangirling at School”.

3. Honest Trailers: Run by the channel ScreenJunkies, people get the chance to suggest which film gets to be disected over its characters, plot and whether or not it is any good by a voiceover guy that sounds ultra deep. It pokes fun at parts of movies in a hilarious manner. It has also has collaborations with other channels which also adds humour to the honest trailer. At the end of each honest trailer, the voiceover guy says anything that viewers tell him to say which sounds epic and hilarious in his voice.

4. How It Should Have Ended: Set up in 2005 by Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson after discussing alternative endings to movies, they made have made over 100 cartoons of films making alternative endings and mocking the film in general. They have done many popular films and superhero films with the recurring joke of Superman and Batman at a cafe at the end of every video.

5. React Series: Made by TheFineBros (Benny and Rafi Fine) created several branches within the React Series, including “Kids React”, “Teens React”, “Elders React”, and “Youtubers React” where the show the kids, teens, elders or Youtubers certain stuff including Gangnam Style, Nyan Cat, and Twerking. They are then asked a series of questions of what they thought about what they just saw. Hilarity often ensues.

6. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: US TV chat show presenter Jimmy Fallon uploads the latest and greatest of his celebrity guests and the antics to get up to on his show, including games, sketches and musical collaborations with a house band “The Roots”. For people from outside the US like I am, these videos are internet gems.

7. Ninjabridge: This channel hosts the abridged series of the anime “Naruto”. Abridged series of animes are videos of episodes of anime shows that are shorted and dubbed in English for comic effect. This has been done on several animes including “One Piece”, “Yugioh” (of which has been banned yet again), Dragonball Z, Attack On Titan, and Pokemon. The Naruto spoof tells the story of a chain smoking, bisexual, incompetent ninja boy called Naruto who wants to be a ninja master; his rival/love interest Sasuke who wants revenge on his brother and is very emo; and their fellow girl ninja Sakura whose only use in the show is to fall in love with Sasuke. They also portray Hokage, who loves Ewan McGregor and his first name is Joe; Annoying Sensei Guy who never leaves Hokage alone and is obsessed with One Piece; and David Bowie Sensei who is and isn’t David Bowie. The series also pokes fun at the show and other anime shows. You don’t have to watch anime to enjoy this, but the creators and anime nerds will advise you to watch them anyway.

8. Séan Burke: This Irish Youtuber can do spot-on impressions of countless celebrities and fictional characters and he does hilarious sketches including movie clichés and “The Harlem Wake”. He does collaborations with fellow Youtuber Bribry, and yes, he does look like a mix between Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seamus Finnegan from Harry Potter.

9. Bribry: Ireland’s most famous Youtuber has an interesting mix of videos in his channel including his music videos, his collaborations with Youtube friends, his collaborations with his finacée for their future child (including his proposal to her in Paris), inspirational videos, and things before you die videos which are hilarious.

10.TheCommunistMessiah: This is a young Irish man who discusses several socio-political, religious and philosophical issues such as white nationalism, gay marriage, and gun crime in the USA. He also debunks several myths including the correlation between atheism and mental health issues, and the union of church and state. He expresses his material in an informative and humourous manner without forcing personal opinion on the viewer. He also encourages conversation to viewer whether or not they agree with him. The most extraordinary thing about TheCommunistMessiah is his level of intelligence for such a young man like him. You can just tell he has a bright future not only in this channel, but in his career too.

So there you have it! If you have discovered any other gems on Youtube, be it a channel or a video, share it here in the comments section. Happy New Year! Louise.


15 Things I Learned In My First Term Of College.

College as a Fresher has been a huge experience. My life has changed in so many ways that it will probably bore you trying to explain them all. But here’s the most important lessons I’ve learned in roughly 10 weeks of college. 

  1. Wifi in college housing is awful. Get your own broadband, because it actually works.
  2. Freeze your leftovers, especially meat. And never bring home raw chicken after an hour long bus journey from college. 
  3. Anime is not just for kids. Especially “Attack on Titan” and “Kill La Kill”.
  4. JRR Tolkien stole material from the plots of Beowulf and Sir Orfeo and got away with it.
  5. The Greek God Zeus is basically Barney Stinson with superpowers.
  6. Despite the fact it’s not the Leaving Cert anymore, you still have to actually study as you go along and not just try to pass.
  7. Philosophy lecturers like to constantly remind people that they are all going to die one day. 
  8. Harvard referencing is a complete pain in the neck, just buy a book about referencing instead of listening to the tutor because they are way more confusing than the book.
  9. Guys and girls can just be friends without being more than that.
  10. You actually have to make an effort to make and stay in contact with friends.
  11. You don’t realise how independent from your parents you are until you have to get rid of your own spiders.
  12. Having laryngitis is awful. 
  13. You will forget that the readings the lecturers talk about are actually meant to be read. 
  14. Relationships, alcohol related stories, atheism and an extensive knowledge of the Game of Thrones plot is common among a lot of college students. 
  15. College is awesome!!

Happy New Year! Here’s to next term!

xoxo, Louise.


“Impress Your Date: Best Places for Dinner In Cork” (Motley, Volume 7, Issue 3)

You meet a fantastic guy or girl, you like them and you successfully ask them out on a dinner date. However you end up facing a predicament. You want to impress your date (chicken rolls are out of the question), but you don’t have a lot of cash to flash. Where do you go? Cork city has a wealth of restaurants on offer that are certainly kind to a student’s budget. 

Amicus, located in the city centre at Paul Street, serves a great variety of meals including salads, soups, paninis, pizza and several carvery dishes at a price range from €11 – €15. There is also a lounge/bar area which is ideal for a pre-dinner drink such as cocktails, beers and spirits. Amicus has a modern, light and spacious atmosphere which is the perfect setting for a dinner date.

If you wish for a more intimate café setting for your date, Nosh + Coffee at Carey’s Lane could be the place for you. Nosh + Coffee is a little gem of a place with delicious and value for money food, well-made coffee, friendly staff and beautifully decorated interiors. This is an ideal spot for lower budget lunch dates.

For Italian cuisine enthusiasts, Scoozi’s at Winthrop Lane is a great choice. They serve the classic pizza and pasta dishes as well as more contemporary dishes such as grilled burgers and main courses. To top it off, Scoozi’s also offer a wonderfully mouth-watering desert menu for less than €6, which is just too good to resist!

For those who are more adventurous in tastes further afield, such as Asian food, Wagamama at South Main Street is highly recommended. Though it is somewhat more on the pricey side, couples can easily avail of the “buy one main course get one free” voucher or get student discount on their meals, therefore it works out well for all.

If you and your date simply wish to satisfy your sweet tooth, there are some fantastic places for deserts only. Paradise Crêpe Restaurant on French Church Street, is a French restaurant that serves both sweet and savory crêpes (though the sweet ones are amazing). These crêpes are well complimented by a choice of teas, coffees, hot chocolates, cool refreshments and the finest French wines.  

Whether you try to seduce your date with Asian food or some more traditional Irish cusine, rest assured they will appreciate wherever you take them, as long as you don’t give them shop-bought wedges. Bon appetite!




“Pure Heroine” – Lorde (Motley Volume 7 Issue 3 Review)

One of the upcoming artists of 2013, Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) has released her debut album Pure Heroine after the single ‘Royals’ exploded onto the charts. 

The opening song of the album ‘Tennis Court’ instantly grabs your attention with its catchy electro beat. The following songs such as ‘400 Lux’ and ‘Ribs’ capture a similar affect to the listener. Halfway through the album, the tone becomes more sombre and refined. This is seen especially in ‘Buzzcut Season’, ‘Glory And Gore’, and ‘White Teeth Teens’. 

Lorde’s musical style is vibrant and fresh without being over the top. Her voice has simplistic beauty, similar to Lana Del Rey or Eliza Doolittle. Yet, her vocals are distinctly hers. Perhaps the only fault with Pure Heroine is the kind of lull that occurs halfway through, with somewhat more forgettable songs than the first half of the album.

Overall, Pure Heroine is a delight to listen to and Lorde has great potential to be even bigger and better than she is right now.

Final word: This queen bee is just getting started. 



Religion and Young People: The Lost Generation?

Before I start my point about this post, I will explain my faith. I am a Catholic and I have been my whole life. (Ew gross she’s one of those!) Yes I believe in God and Jesus, own and use rosary beads, know the Bible stories, think Pope Francis is a pretty good pope, have gone to Knock around 18 times and I go to mass in my own will. But guess what? I have some disagreements with the church despite my beliefs. (Yay she’s seen the light!) Some of what they have said and done has pissed me off, even during the mass homily (which is part of my point, and I will get to that). I know my faith is not as strong as it was 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. I know I don’t go to mass every week. I know of many relatives, friends and people I’ve met in general who are either agnostic or atheist and I don’t judge them for it. However what kills me is that their status gives me the feeling that they are the smarter and more enlightened people. But on the other side, the church gives me the feeling that because I have more liberal beliefs means I cannot truly be as good as the devout. A rock/hard place moment.

I was at mass today on the campus church and the priest who is mostly decent (ie not annoying, boring or religiously conceited). During the homily he discussed freedom. He talked about freedom of will (the most common one) and freedom of excellence (religious one where we can be the best people we can be). In the freedom of will, we (especially young people) have become accustomed to settling for less and being less than excellent (which is kind of true). But his reason for this is what shocked me. He claimed that sex is the reason why young people have become mediocre as beings. He said that contraception is not the answer and stuff like that. I was annoyed by this generalistion of young people are stupid and ammoral. The worst part is: this is not the first time I’ve heard this.

Since the decline in numbers of people in attending mass and believing in God happened, priests have started worrying over the future of its people ie young people. Of course, this isn’t completely new nor is it just occuring in religion, but this idea that young people have become the scapegoat for the Catholic church’s problem is actually starting to drive them away. How? By preists expressing their disgust at the idea that (*spolier alert*) some young people have sex or are gay or don’t always follow church teachings exactly. Priests often pray during the prayers of the faithful part for young people for guiding them morally because young people are incapable of being good people or even praying. Newsflash: YOUNG PEOPLE ARE CAPABLE OF BEING GOOD, DECENT PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION, LIFESTYLE CHOICE OR RELIGIOUS BELIEF! If memory serves me right, Jesus was actually accepting of tax collectors, Samaritans, Romans, lepers, prostitutes and even a murderer because they all strived to be good people despite their walks of life. However, Jesus judged people who did not accept flawed people who wished to be good. And guess who these unaccepting people were? The Pharisees and Sadduces, ie relgious leaders in Jesus’s time. Of course, not all priests or nuns are like this, but unfortunately, some are. And there are also religious people who do not accept flawed people. 

It has left me thinking some important matters. Isn’t being a good person and showing love to your fellow humans more important than condemning those who are in relationships, are born of a “different” sexuality or are women? If you want to teach young people to be good people, shouldn’t the church practice what they preach? And most importantly, what does age have to do with how good or bad a person you are?    

All the World’s a Stage – Modern Version (UCC First English Shakespeare Writing Competition Entry)

All the world’s a television series,
And all the men and women merely characters:
They are written in and written out of the show;
And one character in their screen time played by many actors,
Their acts being seven ages. At first the tot,
Howling and heaving on the midwife’s (and then the mother’s) arms.
And then the sulking student, with the ragged school bag
And the bleary morning face as a slinking snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the awkward admirer, 
Intoxicated from the fumes of love’s stove, featuring a romantic soundtrack
Made to woo to love interest. Then an action hero, 
Brimmed with mysterious motives and hard favoured rage
Preserving glory, prepared to fight and kill.
Seeking a fatal reputation
Even facing the barrel of a gun. And then the champion,
Well rewarded and well fed, 
With intense eyes and stunning good looks
They have seen the world and can speak with great wisdom; 
And so their part is played. The sixth age shifts
Into the comfortable cloth confinements (rather than fashionable),
With large bifocals and matching crow’s feet;
The youthful attire, well kept, a world too harshly vast
For small frail bodies; and their strong eloquence,
Turning again to childish folly, complete 
With comical sound effects. Last episode of all, 
That ends this strange eventful programme, 
Comes full circle with the start and then the tear-jerking death scene,
Closing eyes, closing mouth, closing credits.