“Pure Heroine” – Lorde (Motley Volume 7 Issue 3 Review)

One of the upcoming artists of 2013, Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) has released her debut album Pure Heroine after the single ‘Royals’ exploded onto the charts. 

The opening song of the album ‘Tennis Court’ instantly grabs your attention with its catchy electro beat. The following songs such as ‘400 Lux’ and ‘Ribs’ capture a similar affect to the listener. Halfway through the album, the tone becomes more sombre and refined. This is seen especially in ‘Buzzcut Season’, ‘Glory And Gore’, and ‘White Teeth Teens’. 

Lorde’s musical style is vibrant and fresh without being over the top. Her voice has simplistic beauty, similar to Lana Del Rey or Eliza Doolittle. Yet, her vocals are distinctly hers. Perhaps the only fault with Pure Heroine is the kind of lull that occurs halfway through, with somewhat more forgettable songs than the first half of the album.

Overall, Pure Heroine is a delight to listen to and Lorde has great potential to be even bigger and better than she is right now.

Final word: This queen bee is just getting started. 





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