“Impress Your Date: Best Places for Dinner In Cork” (Motley, Volume 7, Issue 3)

You meet a fantastic guy or girl, you like them and you successfully ask them out on a dinner date. However you end up facing a predicament. You want to impress your date (chicken rolls are out of the question), but you don’t have a lot of cash to flash. Where do you go? Cork city has a wealth of restaurants on offer that are certainly kind to a student’s budget. 

Amicus, located in the city centre at Paul Street, serves a great variety of meals including salads, soups, paninis, pizza and several carvery dishes at a price range from €11 – €15. There is also a lounge/bar area which is ideal for a pre-dinner drink such as cocktails, beers and spirits. Amicus has a modern, light and spacious atmosphere which is the perfect setting for a dinner date.

If you wish for a more intimate café setting for your date, Nosh + Coffee at Carey’s Lane could be the place for you. Nosh + Coffee is a little gem of a place with delicious and value for money food, well-made coffee, friendly staff and beautifully decorated interiors. This is an ideal spot for lower budget lunch dates.

For Italian cuisine enthusiasts, Scoozi’s at Winthrop Lane is a great choice. They serve the classic pizza and pasta dishes as well as more contemporary dishes such as grilled burgers and main courses. To top it off, Scoozi’s also offer a wonderfully mouth-watering desert menu for less than €6, which is just too good to resist!

For those who are more adventurous in tastes further afield, such as Asian food, Wagamama at South Main Street is highly recommended. Though it is somewhat more on the pricey side, couples can easily avail of the “buy one main course get one free” voucher or get student discount on their meals, therefore it works out well for all.

If you and your date simply wish to satisfy your sweet tooth, there are some fantastic places for deserts only. Paradise Crêpe Restaurant on French Church Street, is a French restaurant that serves both sweet and savory crêpes (though the sweet ones are amazing). These crêpes are well complimented by a choice of teas, coffees, hot chocolates, cool refreshments and the finest French wines.  

Whether you try to seduce your date with Asian food or some more traditional Irish cusine, rest assured they will appreciate wherever you take them, as long as you don’t give them shop-bought wedges. Bon appetite!





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