15 Things I Learned In My First Term Of College.

College as a Fresher has been a huge experience. My life has changed in so many ways that it will probably bore you trying to explain them all. But here’s the most important lessons I’ve learned in roughly 10 weeks of college. 

  1. Wifi in college housing is awful. Get your own broadband, because it actually works.
  2. Freeze your leftovers, especially meat. And never bring home raw chicken after an hour long bus journey from college. 
  3. Anime is not just for kids. Especially “Attack on Titan” and “Kill La Kill”.
  4. JRR Tolkien stole material from the plots of Beowulf and Sir Orfeo and got away with it.
  5. The Greek God Zeus is basically Barney Stinson with superpowers.
  6. Despite the fact it’s not the Leaving Cert anymore, you still have to actually study as you go along and not just try to pass.
  7. Philosophy lecturers like to constantly remind people that they are all going to die one day. 
  8. Harvard referencing is a complete pain in the neck, just buy a book about referencing instead of listening to the tutor because they are way more confusing than the book.
  9. Guys and girls can just be friends without being more than that.
  10. You actually have to make an effort to make and stay in contact with friends.
  11. You don’t realise how independent from your parents you are until you have to get rid of your own spiders.
  12. Having laryngitis is awful. 
  13. You will forget that the readings the lecturers talk about are actually meant to be read. 
  14. Relationships, alcohol related stories, atheism and an extensive knowledge of the Game of Thrones plot is common among a lot of college students. 
  15. College is awesome!!

Happy New Year! Here’s to next term!

xoxo, Louise.



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