I Am Not

I am not my gender. I am not my age. I am not my beliefs. I am not my interests. I am not my education. I am not my career.

I am not my family. I am not my friends. I am not my lovers. I am not my peers. I am not my teachers. I am not everyone else.

I am not my past. I am not a fool. I am not my fears. I am not a child. I am not my mistakes. I am not inferior.

I am not my nationality. I am not my creativity. I am not my sensitivity. I am not my sexuality. I am not my disability.

I am not anything, except me.


5 thoughts on “I Am Not

  1. Interesting post. But out of curiosity, who/what are you, if not a collection of all the individual characteristics?

    1. Thanks for the comment. It’s such an interesting question. This poem addresses the issue of being defined by one thing which can take away from other aspects of yourself. For example: some only see me for my autism, some are only interested in me for my love life, while just last week someone considered me inferior to them because I study in a BA degree while they study “a real course” and for the fact that I don’t go drinking every week. In the case of many people, they just want to be acknowledged and accepted for who they are. So my answer for you is this: I am me.

      1. Ah yes…it’s not an individual characteristic that defines us, but rather the whole shebang! And I would agree! šŸ™‚

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