Thoughts on Vlogging.

Since joining tumblr, I learned a few things including, what a GIF is, how to obsess over several things at once, and of course: vlogging. I learned about Vlogbrothers on tumblr and on March of last year I decided to watch some on Youtube. (My binge watching even lost my focus because I was thinking about honey badgers instead of pretending to understand maths.) I discovered more vlogs, and when I (somehow) got into college, I also discovered people I knew were doing vlogs. Since I have a WordPress blog and the fact I stutter more than Bertie from “The King’s Speech” I was put off from the idea. 

But last week, I was stressed. So the only thing I could do to cheer myself up, was look up Kaizoku Con related videos on the internet. Then I discovered a vlog run by a young man I know from college (themanpod). Like his real life self, his internet self is awesome. His ambition was to vlog himself every day in April (or VHEDA as he calls it)  which is ambitious and fun to watch. 

Like everything I do ever, I decided to start my own vlog called “Fangirl Friday” where I talk about nerdy and fangirl related things that happened during the week, and thought “Meh, why not?”

I then learned in hindsight that it was a bad video. It was too long, I stammered a lot, I say “like” A LOT (curse you Generation Y slang!) and I can’t edit at all. My friend, TheCommunistMessiah who is a socio-political vlogger, commented on my below average vlogging skills and had tips on how to improve. 


So I hope one day I will improve, because viewers only like vloggers who’ve got GREAT SKILLS! If anybody knows how, you are welcome to comment. 


Ps sorry I’m bad at vlogging.


One thought on “Thoughts on Vlogging.

  1. I’ve recently started vlogging and started a youtube channel to do it. At first I was really shy and when I watch my videos I can see that. But I have been filming everyday since, and It’s my fave thing to do now i’m having so much fun! I do it so i can record my life and so i can always remember it 🙂 This is what i did yesterday if you’re interested in having a look 🙂

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