Bring Back Our Girls: The Nigerian Abduction Crisis

On April 14th, 276 Nigerian girls were abducted by a terrorist organisation called Boko Haram in Chibok. This terrorist group shares several anti-westernisation beliefs including the education of women. Their intention is to sell these girls as young as nine years old into forced marriage. Two of the girls have allegedly died from snake bites and another 8 girls have since been abducted in Waraba. There has been international pressure on the Nigerian government to find and rescue these girls from Boko Haram.

I have known about these kidnappings for roughly a week. I felt two emotions: worry and anger. The worry is obviously towards the girls and whether or not they will be found. The anger is stemmed towards the media attention. It angered me so much how such a frightening case of hundreds of girls being trafficked and in danger of their lives was not deemed “news worthy” by some Murdochesque media tycoons. If a case like this happened in the US or Europe, there would be a complete panic and their faces would be plastered on every newspaper there is. As well as that, Boko Haram have been antagonistic to Nigerian society for YEARS. Not only did the story take three weeks to be worthy to be shown on TV and print media, it will take even longer to serve justice to those who need it most. Although Kony 2012 was flawed, their point is still valid. This point was that Western media won’t report anything that is Africa. Because they’re black and this violent corruption always happens to them no matter what. In such a technological world and the media instantly informing us in many ways, it concerns me how the previous lack of awareness has got in the way of saving these children. This sickens me and this needs to stop. I truly hope that this ordeal is over soon for the sake of the children.  

For more information about the Nigerian kidnappings, here is a link below.


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