Eurotrash: Why I Think The Eurovision Song Contest is a Waste of Time

For my non-European readers (especially the Yanks) the Eurovision Song Contest takes place annually with a each country member submitting a song and the other countries vote on which song was the best (or so it used to be).

When it was set up in 1957, the aim of the Eurovision Song Contest was to bring about peace after two world wars. It would help countries be more democratic and bond in a cultural manner, and the winners of the contest had a pretty good chance of becoming famous afterwards. By the 2000s, these ideals changed for the worse. Singers aren’t judged for their talent but for how weird their act can be. Not only that, countries that win only win by geography rather than ability. The more countries you border around, the higher the chance of winning. 

What I don’t understand in the slightest is why is there this quest for weirdness, why are there pseudo-European countries, and why there is corruption in their voting system. I know this post will make me sound old-fashioned and culturally elitist but the main problem with the Eurovision is that it is predictable and boring. I’m okay with weirdness, but only if it’s entertaining. Eurovision is not entertaining, it’s easy to predict who wins and who ever remembers the songs six months later? Send your answers in a postcard.

So this is why I am attempting to watch not one second of this yawnfest of a Eurotrash circus. Which reminds me, I’m missing the paint drying on the wall…


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