You Know You Have An Irish Dad When…

Many people have talked about how fascinating “The Irish Mammy” is, but Irish Dads are rarely mentioned. So here are the most interesting aspects about “The Irish Dad”. You Know You Have An Irish Dad When…

  1. You’ve been picked up from school in a tractor at least once: This has happened to me. It’s an interesting journey but awkward to fit yourself, himself and your bulky schoolbag. You’ll also end up sitting on the tool box. 
  2. The love the GAA takes over: Although most Irish people in general love GAA, but nobody loves it more than Irish Dads. They know their ticket seller well, go to many club and inter-county matches, have great knowledge of every player and even watch counties they’re not supporting for “research purposes”. Not to mention their heightened emotions every time there’s a goal or the referee has a “blind moment” 
  3. He has a huge collection of war movies/books: I’m not just talking about four or five, but dozens. They take up most of the DVD rack and bookshelf. World War One, World War Two, Irish history, the US Civil War; you name it, they know a LOT about it. They are also pretty handy for Junior Cert history. 
  4. He is the one who teaches you to drive: Just prepare for a lot a headaches and a lot of bad driving. 
  5. He is the only one who knows how a radiator works: Ideal when your college flat bedroom never seems to be warm. 
  6. He buries the family pet: The kids are too distraught to see their dead pet, so it’s up to Dad to give it a decent sendoff. Even to this day, I still have no idea where my budgies went, nor do I want to know.
  7. He has a specific taste in music: And when I say specific, I really mean the music he listened to in his teens and twenties. So it’s more Shawaddywaddy and Bruce Springsteen than Skrillex and Beyonce in his music collection. 
  8. He does dinner time trivia: You’re just after the dinner or the supper. He mentions stuff about an old film you’ve never heard of. He then makes you guess the people who starred in said movie. This is both annoying and entertaining when he does it, and he varies in topic.
  9. He associates years by weather and/or GAA: You can ask him what he remembers of a certain year perhaps 1974 or 1982, the first thing he’ll mention is who won in the All-Ireland for hurling and football, and how good the weather was for silage. For added interest, you’ve even asked the year of your birth.
  10. He’s harder to buy for gifts: You have no idea, so you get him chocolate or mam buys the gift for you. Also, you learned to not waste your time on the gift guides in the magazines, because you know very well he won’t like any of the suggestions.  

Do any of these things apply to your Dad? Are there other Dad quirks I missed? Let me know in the comments section below. So to say this now: Happy Father’s Day, and I love you Dad.


3 thoughts on “You Know You Have An Irish Dad When…

  1. This is one of the most accurate lists in the world. I was gonna say how a few applied to me when I finished the list but literally EVERYTHING on that applies to me! Especially the trivia and history! Hah!

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