This Blog is One Year Old!

Today it has been a year since I started my blog Bohemian Nerd Girl (originally called Collection of Clancy). 

I have written about many things from serious topics to lots of fun stuff. I have posted original pieces for the blog, my journalism articles which have been published, my poetry and videos from Video of the Week and Fangirl Friday. Here I will discuss some blog facts:

At the time of writing this, Bohemian Nerd Girl has 4281 views from 54 countries and 36 comments from 77 posts. I have 102 followers and I am grateful for each and every one of them. 

The most successful day for views was 150 on June 3rd 2014. The top five most popular posts (excluding home/about) are:  

  1. Advice to Leaving Cert Students 2014 (252 views)
  2. 19 Facts About Benedict Cumberbatch (191 views) 
  3. Selfies and Snapchat: The Secret Exhibitionist? (Motley article) (169 views)
  4. 9 Reasons Why Tom Hiddleston is an Amazing Man (147 views) 
  5. Troll in the Dungeon: Why Online Bullies Are the Worst (138 views)

The top five countries with the most views are: 

  1. Ireland (3058 views) 
  2. United States (553 views) 
  3. United Kingdom (289 views) 
  4. Canada (58 views) 
  5. Germany (47 views)

Before I wrap up this post I just want to say thank you to all who have read, liked, followed and commented on my blog. I never thought I would get this many views in one year. It has given me a chance to raise important issues, entertain others and most importantly, practice writing so I can pursue it in the future. Happy Birthday!


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