A Message Re: My Childhood Secret

Roughly two weeks ago, I made a post on this blog about the fact that I was severely bullied when I was 6 years old to the point I was molested at one point. And one week ago, I decided to share it on my facebook profile. I expected it would catch some attention. But what I never expected was to get over 400 views in one day alone! At the time of writing this post, there were 51 likes, 8 comments (excluding my replies) and several private messages.

What I learned after sharing this post is that so many people who are generally liked and respected by many (including myself), were bullied as kids in different ways and were even bullied for longer periods of time than I was. Only one of these people had my condition too, the rest were neurotypicals (non-autistics). I realised that anybody can be bullied and there really isn’t much of a reason why they are targeted. And even if there is an alleged reason for being a target, it is still not a justifiable reason to bully people.

What I also learned is that telling the truth surprisingly helped me break through a wall I never knew was there, and I feel braver than I ever thought I could. This may not cure my anxiety or my insecurities, but it is an important step for me.

I would have never reached this stage, if it weren’t for the support from friends and family who reacted to my post. Most importantly, I want to thank everyone who has read, liked, commented, and supported me for writing this post. Special thanks to my friend Hannah who inspired me to do this with her brave article on Trinity News.

Here are some links below if you wish to read them:

My previous blog post: My Childhood Secret

Hannah’s article: We need to stop treating sexual assault survivors like liars

Many thanks, Louise


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