If Study Abroad Testimonials Were Honest.

At first I was nervous coming to this University in *insert country here* because all I had to go on was the website, and didn’t give me any relevant information. I was also excited because it was an interesting time for me to do things I have have never fone before (but ultimately won’t do as I won’t have money or time to do it). I laugh at how nervous I was then because I was actually right! It was a terrible idea and I wish I went inter-railing instead.

Oh my God, it is only ok! The amount of acquaintances you will encounter and then never see again, will change how you see the world because friendship is really hard, and you question everything you knew about making friends, making you lonely.

I totally recommend studying abroad because if you’re the type of person who relishes in crushed dreams, unfulfilled plans, lonliness and dying inside, this is the opportunity of a lifetime for you!

I’m only here because I got paid to lie students out of their money and use cliches like “you will not regret this” and “it truly is the opportunity of a lifetime” to make my time here better than it actually was.

This will be the biggest mistake of your life! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


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