Erasmus Diary Prologue Part 3: Getting to the Starting Point

Hello friends!

Sorry I haven’t spoke on here in while; there are two reasons for that: 1) Moving country is time consuming. 2) I couldn’t disclose I moved for 2 weeks as my parents went with me and the house was left with nobody there. So I will tell you what happened in the week leading up to me leaving Ireland.

From late August to early September my mother (mostly) and I figured out what to bring to England since the car would be packed with only leftover space for myself and my parents. My father made practical plans regarding how to put boxes and baggage into the car; even making simple diagrams in how to making it all possible. I made practical input into what clothes I wanted since a girl always ends up packing more (if clothes were practical and lovely, but no!).

Pretty much a week before leaving home, I printed off over a dozen pictures to put up on my wall in my flat. I was worried I’d have too many.

On Thursday September 3rd, I met two of my friends for lunch in my hometown. It was nice to see them since seeing secondary school friends is harder after leaving school. I also had the chance to see most of my secondary friends in late August at a 21st and it is always so fun to have a catch up as if we were never separated.

I had my going away party on September 4th at Captain Americas and The Porterhouse pub in Cork city. Twelve of my friends from UCC came to see me for the last time before I set off for England, including my boyfriend (he’s my best friend too obviously!) I gave gifts to those whose birthdays were around that time, an early graduation present, and a thank you/baby shower gifts to my friends who were expecting a baby while I was gone (and helped out my boyfriend in a time of need). It was great to catch up with my friends because many of them I hadn’t seen that whole summer for many reasons. I also received lovely gifts (including a free soy latte!) and cards which for some reason, I didn’t expect. I was thankful for them all. Saying goodbye to my friends was a very hard thing to do, I still remember all saying goodbye to me at once as I had to leave the pub. Saying goodbye to my boyfriend was even harder. He had to leave early, so I stood and stared on in the street as he was walking away until I could no longer see him. I almost cried but was surprised I could hold it together.

I want to thank everyone who wished me the best of luck in my year at University of Sussex and to those who gave me gifts. I am very grateful for all the help to get me to the staring point.

I will see you at the next post!


Erasmus Diary Soundtrack Part 1: “We’ll Meet Again” – Vera Lynn and “Hit the Road Jack” – Ray Charles

DSCF2430 DSCF2458


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