You Know You’re a Star Wars Fan When…

This week is the release of the long awaited release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. And to pay tribute to all the nerds who love Star Wars, I have decided to list out what makes someone a fan of Star Wars.

  1. You still remember how much you loved watching the original trilogy the first time around. (Bonus points if you watched it when it came out in the 70s and 80s)
  2. But you also had the misfortune to sit through and watch the inferior prequels because it’s still canon and technically expands on the universe.
  3. You don’t just think it, you KNOW that Jar Jar Binks was the dumbest, most annoying and WORST character of all time!

4. You can no longer take the month of May seriously any more.

5. The term “what ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is especially true, when it comes to the re-edits Lucas made on the video, DVD, and Blu-Ray releases of the Star Wars films. AS IF FANS WANT TO SEE MORE CGI THAT SERVE NO PURPOSE TO THE FREAKING PLOT! Speaking of re-edits…

6. HAN SHOT FIRST! Nobody minds that he did, we still love him for it. Let it go, Lucas!

7. You feel really proud when you get all the references when it’s featured on other media. Your particular favourites are the Family Guy and Robot Chicken specials.

8. You get really annoyed when people assume Star Wars is either just for kids or just for boys. Star Wars is EVERYONE! Even Episode VII director J.J. Abrams wants to give girls and adults a chance to enjoy Star Wars! 

9. You’ve tried to make all the famous noises including the lightsaber swoosh and impersonating Chewbacca.


10. You really want a Lightsaber and want to be in a lightsaber duel.

11. You were totally excited and worried at the same time when the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer first came out because you really want it to be good! Please don’t screw this up, Disney!keep-calm-and-be-cautiously-optimistic-1 

12. You have seen the weird and the wonderful in the Star Wars fandom both online and in real life. (Try watching Empire Strikes Back, and someone might mention something about ice-cream makers in Cloud City)

13. You either have or want to dress up as a Star Wars character for Halloween/comic con/Star Wars screening. (And the amount of slave Leia jokes can get old, fast)

14. The idea of sharing the enjoyment of Star Wars with your significant other/your kids sounds pretty damn amazing to you. It may even be one of the contributing factors of why you and your partner are together… 


15. You know you will always love Star Wars no matter what and you are proud to be a Star Wars fan!


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