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I’m a Presenter Now!

Hi Guys!

As most of you guys know, I am very passionate about writing and journalism. I have also had the privilege of using my blog as a platform for my articles, poetry and personal posts.

I am now happy to say that I am a part of UniTV at University of Sussex and I present to you my first piece that I presented and edited.

This experience so far has been invaluable as it has taught me at lot on working in media and how making videos is a lot of work behind the scenes.

I hope you enjoy this video!


Student Bulletin: Career’s Fair 2015


The Ideal Study Environment (from The Badger, Week 5)

Studying for exams and getting essays done on time at uni can often be difficult at the best of times, however if you attempt to do it at the wrong place at the wrong time, it can be even more monotonous and troublesome. If you make simple changes to where and how you do your work, it will save you time and your sanity.

The first step in improving your ideal environment is to observe what you usually do and figure out if it is working out for you or not. If it isn’t, figure out why. From experience one of the worst places to study is in the bedroom. Obviously many bedrooms at uni are fitted with a study desk, however staying in your room for hours on end can cause a serious case of cabin fever which can make you feel worse. As most students know, staying in your room for too long is a rookie mistake both for study and socialising. The other common mistake students make when studying in their room is the endless number of distractions. You intended on research or even simply note taking, then you realise you are hungry, sleepy or bored. You decide instead to cook, clean your room, watch Netflix and have a nap. Then you realise you did nothing but procrastinate and you panic. If you leave your flat to go study you will feel a lot better being more focused and organised since there are less distractions.

For many students (including myself), it is more productive do complete work somewhere that is designated for studying such as the library or the I.T. lab. The best advantages of going to the library is you have the necessary texts available to you with a plethora of books and journals at your disposal. Another advantage of going to a designated study environment is everyone else there is there for similar reasons, so they will also require a quiet, clean, well-lit place to study just like you. As long as you follow the library or I.T. lab rules and respect your fellow students’ need to stud,y, it is an ideal environment to be productive.

Regardless of where you study, you can still face obstacles for studying. As it was mentioned before, procrastination is a common issue for many students, especially when it comes to gadgets. Since your laptop is one the most important tools for research on Study Direct, contacting lecturers, typing essays, and handing in essays through Turnitin. However your laptop is also used for recreational purposes such as Facebook, contacting friends and family, streaming shows and videos, playing games, and randomly looking up unrelated topics online. One of the best solutions to getting distracted online is downloading an app that can block certain URLs for a certain amount of time. I recommend ‘Cold Turkey’ since it is free and you can choose what websites you want blocked and how long you want them blocked for. Of course you must also be careful with how much you use your phone. Turn off your phone and keep it away from your desk since if the phone is out of sight, it will likely be out of mind.

Another obstacle which is commonly faced is forgetting important things for studying. When you are stuck for something and need it immediately such as glasses, go back and get them, but do not leave your bag or laptop unattended because it will either be stolen or moved by disgruntled students who want the last desk available. If it is non-essential in urgency, do something else with what you have. In the case of forgetting important things, always pack the day before and double check if you have everything you need.

The final thing to consider when studying outside of your flat is how long you want to study for. Try arriving by noon because you will have more of a chance of finding a desk in comparison to 3pm. If you are thinking in squeezing more time even though you are feeling sleepy at night, just stop where you are, go home and get sleep. When you are tired, you will not be able to remember as much as you wanted and you are more likely to make mistakes in your work than you be if you were wide awake.

The most important advice in finding the ideal study environment is to find a place that will help stay motivated and productive to help maximise your grades in the best way possible.

University of Sussex Students from Turkey Commemorate Ankara Massacre on Campus (unpublished article for The Badger)

A group of University of Sussex students from Turkey came together outside the Arts A building on the evening of Tuesday 13th October to create a memorial of the Ankara Massacre, which took place on October 10th. Two bombs were detonated outside the Ankara Central Railway Station during a ‘Labour, Peace and Democracy’ rally, made up of over 20 civil unions; where over 120 people died and over 500 were injured in the attack. On Sunday 11th October, thousands of protesters gathered in London to commemorate the loss of lives in Ankara and condemn the terrorist actions of the Turkish government, accused of carrying out the attack. However, Turkish state media has blamed ISIS for the attack.

In light of the London protests and to give solidarity to their fellow citizens, a group of Sussex students from Turkey set up a memorial to those who were killed in the massacre. One of the students named Ardahan, who helped organise the event, explained the reason why the students decided to set up the memorial; because they thought “it was a terrifying attack on people who met in order to demand a peaceful Turkey and the end of violence. We know that we, students from Turkey, would also be marching for peace if we would not be studying currently in the UK. Moreover, bearing in mind the absence of any evidence that the Turkish state is fighting ISIS and the fact that no single person was arrested for being an ISIS member until today, we think that the Turkish state is responsible for the attack as much as the perpetrators are. Thus, we wanted to organize it to be in solidarity with the victims, and express both our sadness and anger.”

At the memorial, it featured a placard that explained what happened at the Ankara massacre, the list of all the names of the victims who died in the attack, messages of support from students, a list of violent terrorist attacks in Turkey since 2011, candles that spelled out ‘PEACE’, and a blue placard in Turkish which is translated to “We missed it to look at the sky with no blood”.  The memorial was received positively by students, albeit many of them were unaware the Ankara massacre had happened. “As some of the students who attended the event on Facebook knew it already, they came with candles and took part in the process of preparing placards and lighting candles. There were also students who did not know what the event was about, though. However, we informed everyone about the bombings and explained them why we had organized the event. When they learned about it, they told us that they are also very sad and that they are in solidarity with us. Most of the students took part in the process of lighting candles and expressed their feelings on the placards. Most of the students told us in person that they are very thankful for the commemoration and that it is of great importance.”

Students from Turkey have had strong reactions regarding this serious incident in their home country. Ardahan stated that many students from Turkey are “very sad and angry at the same time. We are very sad as it is our friends, families, brothers and sisters who died in the march. We know that one of us could also be a victim if we would be in Ankara, although that it is not very relieving that it’s not us, but others marching for peace.” He also discussed on the anger the students have towards the Turkish government’s reactions on the recent violence: “the state shuts its eye on the bombings and does not feel the need to take security measures to protect people marching for peace. We are very angry at the Turkish state as it attacked the victims with tear gas and water cannons after minutes of the bombings while there were dead and injured people all around.”