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9 Reasons Why Tom Hiddleston is an Amazing Man

Today is 9th of February, which means only one thing: Tom Hiddleston’s 33rd birthday. To those who have no idea who he is (REALLY?!?) he is a British actor who rose to fame in the past 5 years similar to Benedict Cumberbatch, Idris Elba or Michael Fassbender who have become more and more popular critically and commercially. To prove my point here are 9 reasons why Tom Hiddleston is amazing.

  1. Talented and versatile actor: There are few actors in this world who can pull off success within theatre and film. He is one of these actors. As well as that, his roles in both mediums are also versatile and well played. From a villainous Norse God, to a kindly but ill-fated soldier, to F Scott Fitzgerald, to a Shakespearean king, to a musician vampire he’s adapted to each role well.  Image

2. He’s drop-dead gorgeous:  Obviously talent is important for actors but looking good is a secondary priority. This hasn’t stopped people from drooling over his good looks and his well-shaped physique (including me). If you asked an admirer what their favourite part of his face or body was you’d be there forever because they’d list out everything in great detail (including me). Not only that, Mr Hiddleston knows how to look good with and without clothes. From suits to shirtless the fans go crazy. 


3. His army of Hiddlestoners: With Tom’s talent and good looks, he was bound to have a legion of fans. These Hiddlestoners would sell their kidneys to make him happy, if not send letters, see him in person, or get a tweet from him. From the fan-art, group forums, twitter accounts, tumblr blogs and charity initiatives dedicated to him, being a Hiddlestoner is more a way of life than a mere obsession! It’s a real sense of community where people have developed friendships from it. I know I have. Tom himself knows about the Hiddlestoners and is amazed by these people.


4. His kindness: Although he is famous for playing a deranged and terrifying villain in The Avengers, his true personality couldn’t be any more of a contrast. If one could find a person who was the polar opposite of Justin Bieber, it would be Tom Hiddleston. He is good to his fans, his co-stars, journalists, and just about anyone who ever meets him. He makes sure that he is respectful and polite to every person including his habit for needlessly apologising for very petty matters (e.g. when he ate chocolate before an interview). Not only that, he is an ambassador for Unicef, where he often promotes the charity on his twitter page, takes part in charity challenges and even visited Guinea in January 2013. His fans are inspired by this and raise charity to Unicef in his name, including Hiddlestoners Have Heart.


5. His Dancing: Look up “Tom Hiddleston on Alan Carr Chatty Man”  on Youtube and you will understand how amazing it is.

6. His intelligence: In Tom’s younger years, he was educated in Eton and Cambridge. He studied Classics. He also has an extensive knowledge on William Shakespeare’s works, history, other forms of literature, films, music amongst other subjects which would make one feel like a philistine in comparison.


7. His Twitter Account: It’s such a delight to see his tweets because it’s different from the tedious nature of “funny tweets” which are stupidly offensive and just plain unnecessary accounts of what people do. He does this by having interesting promotions of his work, promotion of UNICEF, showing his funny side, his songs of the day (and he has VERY GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC) and interacting with fans. By the way his twitter is @twhiddleston. 


8. He’s funny: He has a great sense of humour. If you look up “Loki’d MTV After Hours” you will understand. Not only that, he has a great sense of comic timing if you have seen Thor: The Dark World, Loki was undeniably the funniest character. In my opinion, he should be in more comedies.

9. Because Tom Hiddleston: Nuff said. 



Advice for Happiness in 2014

Beloved readers.

This post is for anyone who want a fresh start this year.

For those who hate themselves, go to those who truly love you. Ask what they love about you. Write them down and keep it for when you get sad and start to loathe yourself. More importantly, ask yourself what you love about yourself and write that down. And if you’re truly stuck in a self-loathing rut, try a counsellor. Sometimes, an outsider’s perspective can help you see yourself.

For those who want to hurt themselves, please don’t do it. It doesn’t help you. Once the scar is there, it is there for a long time. If you want to make a mark on yourself, draw on yourself with a marker or pen. At least that is temporary.

For those who have love, you are fortunate because love is the greatest gifts that life can give you. It is also the greatest gift to give somebody. Cherish it with your whole heart and cherish that person too. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

For those who are single, it is fine to be that way. Not being in a relationship doesn’t make you less of a person nor is it more important than your friends, or your career, or your other interests. Also, go out with someone if you like them, not just for the sake of it. Also, take your time with the person and get to know them.  

For those who seek approval from others, don’t. Because if you make a mistake and those people point out that mistake to you, you feel terrible. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates once mentioned that if you knew the consequences to all your actions, you are less likely to do it. My suggestion is the best way to make less mistakes is to try to be as informed as possible because you’ll feel better in the long run. And besides, the best kind of praise is the kind you don’t expect.  

For those who want to change themselves, ask yourself why. Because the most important reason to change is for yourself. If you want to lose weight, do it because you feel like losing weight, not because some person called you a “whale” or you want to attract someone. If you want to change everything about yourself, don’t. Not only is it unrealistic, but it will make you unhappy. Only change a few things. For example, if you’re late a lot, just tackle that issue. If you even tackle one issue, it makes a huge difference.

For those who want to be happy, realise that it’s okay to be sad sometimes. You haven’t failed. Every bit of happiness, even in the bleakest of times, is an achievement. Like love, cherish every moment of happiness.

For those who want to achieve their dreams, I can tell you that is that you can do it! With a lot of hard work, planning, dedication, some sacrifices and self belief, you can achieve anything! Think about all the great people out there, they all started from the bottom. I can assure you that, if I can achieve my dreams, so can you!

Here’s to a better 2014! 


You can feel like king/queen of the world when you feel happy.
You can feel like king/queen of the world when you feel happy.



I am Louki of Asgard and I am burdened with a glorious purpose: To be great.

However, my father Odin will not see my greatness. No one will. Why? Because I am a Frost Giant. And nobody expects a Frost Giant to sit on the throne of Asgard.

At times, I look and act normal. However, I get exposed and turn blue. Like I did as a baby. And when I get angry, I obliterate those in my path of wrath.

Many claim I want infinite power. The gloss of success. People kneeling and obeying me as my subjects.

But all I really want is to be your equal and not the monster that parents tell their children about at night.

Is it madness? Is it?