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10 Years On: How Mean Girls Still Is Queen Bee

Ten years ago today, the iconic teen film Mean Girls was released in cinemas. It has since become a highly popular and relatable film among the Y Generation, particularly girls. How so, you ask? Let me tell you: 

1. Mean Girls quotes are always mixed in with other popular shows and movies

No matter what show you’re into, whether it’s Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or even Disney movies, there will always be a time where the Mean Girls quotes are weaved into the show.



2. It makes fun of how bad and awkward sex education is taught in school. 

Everyone remembers the scene where the gym teacher Coach Carr gives “the talk” to students and how contradictory it was. As I grew up and listened several times about how scary sex is in secondary school, I realised that students always get misleading information and are told to “NEVER HAVE SEX BECAUSE IT’S EVIL AND NO CONTRACEPTIVE CAN SAVE YOU, but at least try them anyway, even though you have no idea how to use them.” 




3. Gretchen Wieners is historically accurate. 

During Gretchen’s reading of her hate fuelled history essay of Julius Caesar in the perspective of Marcus Brutus, you can easily tell she is masking her anger at Regina George and she snaps. As I discovered while studying Greek & Roman Civilisation in Arts, what she says in her essay is surprisingly accurate. Like Regina George is the boss of everyone in 21st century high school, Caesar becomes the boss of everyone in the Roman Republic during 1st century BC. However Brutus and others from the Roman Senate get really pissed off about Caesar and decided to kill Caesar in the Ides of March 44BC. 



4. Tina Fey is awesome 

Wait, what? Yes, the script of Mean Girls was written by Tina Fey who played Ms Norbury. One day she read Rosalind Wiseman‘s Queen Bees and Wannabes and thought that it should be made into a film. As the book is nonfiction, Fey wrote the plot from scratch, borrowing elements from her own high school experience; for instance, Janis Ian is an amalgam of Fey herself and her “art freak” friends. The real Janis was a musician, in which she sang the song At Seventeen, which can be heard playing in the background when the girls are fighting at Regina’s house. Other characters bullying the Janis Ian character persistently call her a lesbian throughout the film; the real Janis Ian is an out lesbian. So you can all worship the goddess that is Tina Fey for the existence of Mean Girls.  



5. We all know Plastics 

But we will never admit it, and we all secretly dislike them because they’re not very nice. 



6. Mean Girls has a pretty good soundtrack

You may not know all the names or who the artists are, but when you hear them, it makes you think of the film, particularly “God is a DJ”, “Built This Way” and “Milkshake”


7. It is actually a funny teen girl film 

The teen girl film is a hard nut to crack because it can often be too mawkish, forgettable or tries too hard to be funny because “girls aren’t funny”. However, Mean Girls is not one of those films. It has many hilarious and memorable moments and dialogue. Throughout my years in an all-girls secondary school, quoting Mean Girls was the norm.



8. The acting is brilliant 

Like the previous post, good actors in teen girl films can be hard to find. But it worked in Mean Girls, many of the actors went on to have successful careers such as Rachel McAdams (Regina George) was in “The Notebook” and “About Time”, and Amanda Seyfried (Karen Smith) was in “Mamma Mia” and “Les Miserables”. I wish I could say the same with Lindsay Lohan…

9. It shows how hard people try to fit in. 

The protagonist Cady Heron, moves to America from Africa and is an outsider, she makes friends with Janis and Damian who use her to destroy the Plastics. In the process, Cady’s personality totally changes from a sweet girl with her own personality to an actual Plastic. The boy she likes Aaron, doesn’t like this Plastic persona when he realises who she really is. So the moral of the story is to not be afraid to be yourself. 

10. It has become a rite of passage for teenage girls to watch Mean Girls 





BohemianNerdGirl’s Video of the Week: “Teens React to The Fault In Our Stars”

Created by Youtube channel “TheFineBros”, several teenagers are shown various videos and their reaction is recorded. In this video, they were shown the trailer of “The Fault In Our Stars”. However, there is one thing the teenagers do not expect. A must watch for Nerdfighters.

20 Things I Learned As A Teenager

Tomorrow is my birthday. Not just  any old birthday, but my 20th birthday. This means I won’t be a teenager anymore. I had a lot of good and bad times but there’s one certain thing: I learned a lot. Here’s 20 of the things I learned:

1. You can’t choose who you’re attracted to.

2. Everyone has that “awkward phase”.

3. Exams are awful and soul draining.

4. Friends make everything better. (Cake can also apply to that).

5. You never realise how old you are until you see how weird and tedious children’s TV is.

6.  Never drink vodka straight. It tastes like battery acid.

7. The internet is brilliant but time can be spent so easily and quickly.

8. Watching Mean Girls is considered a rite of passage for teenage girls.

9. How you think people see you and how people actually see you can be completely different. The trick is to find which is which.

10. Nothing brings teenagers together like a mutual love of food or a mutual hatred of school.

11. Everybody loves turning 18 because it’s legal to do anything other adults can do (mostly buy drink)

12. Just because you’re an adult in the eyes of the law doesn’t mean you’re an adult in the eyes of your parents.

13. Most things that parents worry about for teenagers are greatly exaggerated by the media. As long you have the knowledge, you’ll be fine.

14. Internet friendship is not as creepy as it seems. It’s like a penpal for the digital age.

15. Teenagers are always on a tight budget, regardless of economic situations in the outside world.

16. Friendships change and are sometimes lost through no fault of their own.

17. Older teenagers always refer to younger teenagers as “like 12”.

18. Sleep is a rare but precious time to a teenager.

19. Peer pressure isn’t as dramatic and drug fuelled as people think.

20. Teenagers are not alcoholic morons with no respect for anything or anyone. They are real people with rights, duties, hopes, dreams, passions and intelligence. Treat them with respect and they will do likewise.