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I’m a Presenter Now!

Hi Guys!

As most of you guys know, I am very passionate about writing and journalism. I have also had the privilege of using my blog as a platform for my articles, poetry and personal posts.

I am now happy to say that I am a part of UniTV at University of Sussex and I present to you my first piece that I presented and edited.

This experience so far has been invaluable as it has taught me at lot on working in media and how making videos is a lot of work behind the scenes.

I hope you enjoy this video!


Student Bulletin: Career’s Fair 2015


BohemianNerdGirl’s Video of the Week: “100 Days of Dance”

A young man performs the same dance routine everyday for approximately 100 days to the song “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai and edited it all together. What makes it even better, this is the same dance routine that is performed near the end of “Napolean Dynamite”. I can say that he’s got GREAT SKILLS!

Uploaded by ProjectOneLife
Bucket List #117: Complete 100 days of dance

Technically it was around 120 something days but 100 days sounds better. I had a GoPro camera set up on my cabinet and i just recorded myself doing the same dance routine every day. I wanted to do something along the lines of take a picture of myself everyday for a year but different. I eventually came up with the idea of 100 days of dance, I really didnt want to do this for a year so i thought 100 days seemed pretty good. The reason this was on the bucket list was because i thought it was a really cool, unique idea that i came up with and i wanted to make sure i saw it through, so i popped it on the bucket list to guarantee that i would complete it. Overall it was pretty fun dancing everyday and this was one of my more unique ideas and i’m pretty glad how it turned out.

BohemianNerdGirl’s Video of the Week: Epic Abridged Series Compilation! (Part 1)

If you are a big fan of anime/cartoon abridged videos like I am, here is the master post of the most popular abridged videos and melded them together! There are four other videos featuring more content.

All rights are retained by their corresponding owners. This work is in no way affiliated with the aforementioned owners. This work is intended for parody. The opinions here do not reflect the owners of any copyrighted material and are not intended to infringe on any of these rights whatsoever.
Song: Slay the Dragon by Brand X Music
0:00 PurpleEyesWTF- None Piece (One piece Abridged)
0:32 TeamFourStar- Dragon Ball Z Abridged
1:06 Ninjabridge- Naruto Abridged
2:03 CardGamesFTW (LittleKuriboh)- Yugioh Abridged ( http://yugiohabridged.com/ )
2:17 PurpleEyesWTF- Code Ment (Code Geass Abridged)
2:45 1KidsEntertainment- Pokemon Abridged
3:25 PurpleEyesWTF- None Piece (One piece abridged)
4:02 TheWatchTowerStudios- DC Animated Universe Abridged
4:53 GetsugaBridged- Bleach Abridged
5:14 Bigmanizbkagainyo3- Avatard: The Pretty Legendary Story of Korra Abridged
5:58 Faulerro- Nullmetal Alchemist (Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged)
6:46 PalletTownChampions- Fairy Tail Abridged
7:34 SWEabridged- Sword Art Online Abridged
8:27 DarkSideCorporated- Yugioh GX Abridged
9:02 Runawayturist- Infinite Ment (Infinite Stratos Abridged)
9:15 Takahata101- Hellsing Abridged
10:13 GanXingBa- Avatar The Last Airbender Abridged
10:46 Abridgimon and Lanipator- Abridgimon (Digimon Abridged)
11:39 YunoInbox- Mirai Nikki Abridged
12:46 TheSEATeam- Soul Eater Abridged
13:26 Lanipator- Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged

(uploaded by The Rower)